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Hume Lake

Hume Lake, in the northern portion of the monument, is a beloved, year-round recreation destination where visitors can enjoy fishing, non-motorized boating, hiking, mountain biking, and camping during the summer months. In the winter, snow play is wildly popular among visitors. The shoreline of the lake is followed by an interpretive trail. For the history

Giant Sequoia Grove

There are 33 groves, or grove complexes, of giant sequoia trees protected within the monument and available for visitors to explore. The groves and individual trees that are easiest to reach by passenger vehicle are Converse Basin Grove and the Boole Tree, Indian Basin Grove, Belknap Complex, Long Meadow Grove and the Trail of 100

Kern River Canyon

The Upper Kern River, located between Lake Isabella and the Johnsondale Bridge, is part of the North Fork of the Kern Wild and Scenic River. Whitewater boating and fishing are popular activities here. There are several day-use areas and developed campgrounds along the river, and dispersed camping and campfires (with permits) are allowed in much


Interested in discovering national park wildernes? This text can help you By definition, the wilderness is an uninhabited, uncultivated natural region. Wildernesses consist of some of the most authentic and undisturbed places in America. The Wilderness Act of 1964 made it so Congressionally designated wildernesses are protected and preserved in their natural condition. These are